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Why tanShi is Green Friday

November 23, 2018 is Black Friday. For us merchants, it is a decisive day because we are supposed to achieve a higher turnover than usual. Yet at tanShi we refuse to follow the consumerist herd, at the risk of disappointing our customers… We will explain the reasons for our decision.

Green Friday à la place du Black Friday

Black impact on the earth

Throughout the year, we encourage as much as possible the use of recycled materials, perennial raw materials and in our shipments we strive to avoid overpackaging. We even sometimes reuse packaging to make our shipments without sacrificing the quality of the packaging. 

Therefore, to follow suit with a campaign to buy a lot on the pretext that it will be much cheaper goes against everything we are advocating. Refusing Black Friday is a symbolic defining act that says that day, more than anyone else, we care about the ecological impact of our actions on the planet.

The actual cost of Black Friday

On tanshi, our prices are generally lower than the market. These advantageous prices are the result of a general policy where we seek a fair balance between supplier fees, tanShi operating costs and the purchasing power of our customers.

Make no mistake: when you slaughter the prizes like you do on Black Friday, that shortfall has an impact on someone or something. And in general, this impact is on… you, the customers. Because what you will not pay now, the merchants who break the prices will make you pay later, on other things, hidden fees, subtle increases, etc.

But it is not only you who are victims of these apparent (too) good bargains: at the other end of the chain (and sometimes, of the world), the producers are also victims of this dumping. In order to always be able to sell cheaper, distributors demand ever lower production prices. And a too low production price, and a drastic reduction in margins, inevitably means lower quality, impoverishment of workers (of which you may be a part, you, friends, or family members), less secure and more polluting production.

We don’t see the value in that, in the short, medium, and long term...

Consuming (a little) to live and not to live to consume (a lot)

The third reason tanShi won’t do Black Friday is because we think moving to the idea of doing great business is not a very rewarding activity. Of course, we all need goods! Of course, we want quality without bleeding from the four veins! But not at any price, and especially not at the cost of dignity.

Before, Black Friday was a day; then it became a weekend. We are seeing people rushing into what seems to be THE important time of the year. At tanShi, we also believe that trade is one of the forms of a rich and honest, win-win social exchange between citizens. That is why we strive to offer you fair and attractive prices all year round, but where everyone finds themselves.

Les commerçants s'organisent
De plus en plus d'e-commerçants s'organisent pour proposer d'autres modes de relations avec leur clients-citoyens. 

That’s why we won’t be doing Black Friday this year. Somehow, to stay true to ourselves. If some of you are disappointed, we are sorry, and we hope that our clarifications will have convinced you of our eco-responsible commitment.

For everyone else, excellent Green Friday!: -)


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