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What means GOTS Label

When you were shopping for clothes, you must have found and bought clothes bearing the GOTS label. GOTS! will you tell me, like the famous television series that holds us so much breath? But no, of course. However, this label deserves some explanation...

Que signifie la labellisation GOTS - tanShi

What means GOTS?

G.O.T.S., is the abbreviation for “Global Organic Textile Standard”. Here we are facing a quality label that is part of a much broader vision than a simple organic certification. This label combines environmental and social criteria in the production chain of textiles of organic originThese criteria apply to all stages of the production of a garment from the raw material to the finished product through labelling and packaging.

When you buy a GOTS labeled garment like the "by tanShi®" kimonos or cushions, you are guaranteed that it contains at least 95% organic textile fiber when the organic garment contains only 75%.


In terms of respect for the environment, this label implies strict criteria prohibiting, for example, the use of chemicals in textile manufacturing and advocates the use of products with a low environmental impact. Likewise, companies producing these textiles must comply with rules such as the use of energy or the treatment of their waste, and thus limit their ecological footprint.

GOTS and International Labour Organization 

In addition, the GOTS label implies that the garment was made by a company that complies with the rules laid down by the International Labour Organization (ILO), which prohibits child labour, forced labour, which implies a sufficient wage, decent working hours, etc. Finally, the GOTS label is monitored at all levels and on site by an independent and qualified organization.

By purchasing a GOTS by tanShi® labeled garment, you can be sure to buy clothing that is environmentally and globally friendly, not only to our health, but also to the women and men who contributed to its manufacture.

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