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Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser/mist generator

Ultrasonci essential oil diffuser/mist generator is effective to benefit from the effects of essential oils in closed rooms. These diffusers generate a mist in the ambient air. To use a mist generator, which works with ultra-sounds, we will mix water with essential oils. I recall the importance of using biological essential oils, 100% pure and chemotyped.





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Presentation of the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser/mist generator

Many of us think that an oil diffuser by nebulization works like a mist generator. Well no:)

The atmospheric diffusion of essential oils (H.E.) by a mist generator requires us to mix our H.E. with water. So it’s not a diffusion of pure H.E. . This implies a much longer release time for a good aromatherapy release result. The advantage of this system is certainly the visual aspect. The mist of the ultra-sound diffuser gives a warm atmosphere in your room. Illuminating this olfactory mist will make a better visual result. Many mist diffusers are already equipped with an internal light system to illuminate the emitted mist. Although it is effective, we will promote the use of a mist generator for the atmosphere it will create rather than a real use in aromatherapy. It is for all these reasons that I recommend this type of diffuser for small room not exceeding 30 m².

Operation and use of the diffuser/mist generator

Pour your essential oils mixed with water into the intended tank, located in your mist generator. This diffuser has a pad at the base of the tank that vibrates at very high frequencies (ultra-sounds). The synergy you have poured into the tank will turn into steam under the effect of these vibrations and will be disseminated in the ambient air. I mean, don’t confuse mist generator with humidifier. If you want to moisten the ambient air in your space, it is necessary to use a real air humidifier.

Mist generator are usually quiet. This parameter is interesting for use in rooms, to purify the air, to promote sleep or to distance mosquitoes.

Maintenance of the essential oil diffuser/mist generator

A mist generator asks for a little more maintenance than his cousin the nebulizer. Cleaning your device regularly will allow you to keep it for a long time without worry.  If limestone is deposited on the ultrasonic pad, this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of your diffuser. To clean up your mist generator:

  1. empty the tank completely;
  2. clean the metal ring at the bottom of the water tank with a piece of cotton soaked in vinegar.

If the pad is not recoverable and/or your diffuser no longer distributes sufficient mist, it may be necessary to change the ultrasonic pad.

Quentin Van Hecke


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